Discharge from Hospital

Your doctors will certify your discharge and you shall be provided with a prescription and relevant information about your medication prior to discharge. The patient's relatives will be informed for transport arrangements

An additional one days rate will be charged if patients leave the Hospital after 2 pm.

Payments are to be made at the Cashier counters and take-home medications (if any) can be collected at the ward pharmacy.  All follow-up appointments will be arranged by ward clerks/nurses.

  1. For Self-Paying Patients

If you were to discharge on Sunday or Public Holiday, we would be grateful if you could make arrangements to settle your bill a day before or pay top-up ‘deposit’ at the main Pharmacy at ground floor before the process of discharge is processed.  Your inpatient bill must be fully settled before discharged from the Hospital.

  1. For Corporate / Insurance Patients

Patients with guarantee letters from companies and insurance/medical health card holders approved by the Hospital shall be required to settle any medical charges not covered by the letter of guarantee or insurance company.

On Discharging

  • Your consultant shall decide when to discharge you.
  • Estimated 2 hours to process your bill and for prescriptions to be ready for collection. You will be informed when the bill is ready
  • You are required to fully settle your bill at Cashier Counter at 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor or 6th Floor.
  • If you are company or medical insurance payer, you shall be required to settle any medical charges not covered by the letter of guarantee or insurance company.
  • Upon full settlement of your bill or refunds if any, present the official receipt at the ward pharmacy to collect take home medication.
  • You will proceed back to the ward and collect your belongings, medical certificate and investigation results, if necessary, from the nurses.
  • You will be given an appointment card with an appointment date for follow-up with your consultant.
  • Please present your debit / credit / Touch n Go card to the cashier for validation.


After office hours, all discharges are required to pay top-up ‘deposit’ and to collect take-home medication at the main Pharmacy at ground floor.

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