Daycare / Surgical Transit Centre (DCTC)

The Daycare / Surgical Transit Centre (DCTC) cares for people undergoing a wide range of surgical procedures that do not require an overnight stay.

All Daycare Surgery cases will be screened before surgery, which is part of our infection control procedure. The daycare surgery procedures will be carried out in Operating Theatre situated at 4th Floor.

Operating Hours:Mondays - Fridays8 am - 5 pm
 Saturdays8 am - 1 pm
 Sundays & Public HolidaysClosed

Keep nil by mouth as per instruction by the doctors in the clinic.

It is essential that you follow the instructions in your admission letter to avoid cancellation of surgery in case fasting is required for surgery.

  1. Upon arrival at the Hospital, the patient is required to bring his/her admission letter to the clinic for assistance. The clinic aide will then bring the patient to the daycare directly for admission. The patient will be prepared according to his/her needs for surgery.
  2. A member of the Nursing team will prepare the patient for surgery. He/she will then monitor the patient's blood pressure, pulse and temperature in DCTC.
  3. The staff will orientate and get information on the patient's general health, he/she will also clear any concerns the patient may have and assist on completing the necessary documentation.
  4. The patient will be advised on the requirements and expectations pre and post-surgery.
  5. This can be subject to change depending on clinical needs although we will do our best to stay on schedule and keep the patient informed throughout his/her visit.
  6. The patient will be seen by an anaesthetist prior to surgery which will give him/her the opportunity to have any concerns addressed.
  7. As a general rule the patient will be able to stay dressed in his/her own clothes until it is close to the operation time when the patient will be asked to change into a surgical gown.
  8. Small lockers are available at DCTC for patients, however it is recommended that valuable items be kept by family members
  9. The patient will be escorted to the Operating Theatre by a DCTC nurse.
  10. After the operation, the patient will wake up in the operating recovery area and then return to the DCTC when he/she is fully alert.
  11. The patient will continue his/her recovery within the DCTC until he/she is fully awake to return home.

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