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 Saturdays10 am - 12:30 pm
 Sundays & Public HolidaysClosed
Night ClinicsMondays - Fridays7 pm - 9 pm
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Location:1st Floor

All our paediatricians have received special training which are needed because many diseases that affect children vary from that of adults. Moreover, certain complications may be very different, for instance the patients seen by the Paediatrician may be affected by illnesses that are congenital or are hereditary. Another example is that as younger patients are still growing, the disease process is quite unlikely to cause problems to the particular system that may also disturb or delay the developmental process of the patients. Like fields in medicine, the psychological and social impacts on younger patient of any particular illness may also be very different from that of adults. A Paediatrician who has his/her counterpart in the General Physician field is also skilled in using medications in treating a very wide range of illnesses.

Neonatology is a hospital-based specialty, and is usually practised in neonatal intensive care units. The principal patients of neonatologists are new-born infants who are ill or require special medical care due to prematurity, low birth weight, intrauterine growth retardation, congenital malformations (birth defects), sepsis, or birth asphyxias.


Dr Adele Tan Guat Kean   陈月娟医生

MMC: 20995 / NSR: 124042

Clinic P8, 1st Floor

Dr Tan Eng Guan   陈永源医生

AM, MBBS, MRCPCH, M Med Paeds, GDip.FP Dermatology
MMC: 34105 / NSR: 125313

Clinic P6, 1st Floor

Paediatric Night Clinic
Tuesdays & Thursdays
7 pm - 9 pm

Dr Lim Ai Tyng   林爱婷医生

MMC: 54596 / NSR: 129455

Clinic P7, 1st Floor

Dr Karen Lim Ghim Choon   林锦春医生

MMC: 53349 / NSR: 129134

Clinic P2, 1st Floor

Paediatricians & Neonatologists
小儿科暨 新生儿科医生

Dr Chua Chee Peng   蔡志平医生

MMC: 20421 / NSR: 124430

Clinic P1, 1st Floor

Dr Cheang Hon Kit   章翰杰医生

MD, MRCP, M Med Paeds
MMC: 28766 / NSR: 124440

Clinic P3, 1st Floor

Paediatric Night Clinic
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
7 pm - 9 pm

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