Average Length Of Stay

Knowing the length of a hospital stay can be helpful for patients to make necessary arrangements.

General Surgery
Anterior resection of colon 5 days
Appendectomy 2 days
AVF/ BCF Creation Day care
Esophageal Surgery 7-10 days
Excision Biopsy 1-2 days
Gastrectomy/ Hepatectomy/ Whipple's Surgery 7-10 days
Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy Day care
Haemorrhoidectomy 2 days
Hernia Repair/ TEP 1-2 days
Lap Cholecystectomy/ Open Cholecystectomy 2-3 days
Mastectomy 3-4 days
Video Thyroidectomy/ Open Thyroidectomy 3-4 days
ACL Reconstruction/ Meniscus Repair 3-4 days
AKA/ BKA 5-7 days (Pending culture report)
Finger Surgery +/- Amputation 3 -4 days
Incision + Drainage 5-7 days (Pending culture report)
ORIF/ External Fixation 4-5 days
Relieve of trigger finger/ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 1-2 days
Shoulder Surgery & Repair 4 days
Spinal Surgery 4-5 days
Total Hip Replacement 5-7 days
Total Knee Replacement 5-7 days
Wound Debridement 5-7 days (Pending culture report)
Circumcision Day care/ OPD
Cystectomy 5-6 days
Flexible cystoscopy/ removal of DJ Stent Day care/ OPD
Hydrocelectomy 2-3 days
Nephrectomy 5-6 days
Orchidectomy 2-3 days
PCNL 5 days
Radical Perineal Prostatectomy 7 days
Trans Prostate Biopsy Day care/ OPD
TURBT +/- Mitomycin C Injection 2-3 days
TURP 5 days
URS + Stenting/ RIRS + Stenting 3 days
Varicocelectomy 2-3 days
Vasectomy Day care/ OPD
Excision Pterygium Day care/ OPD
Eylea Injection/ Accentrix Injection Day care/ OPD
Incision & Curettage of Chalazion Day care/ OPD
Laser Day care/ OPD
Phacoemulsification Day care
Cardiothoracic Surgery
AVF Creation Day care
CABG 5-7 days
Heart Valves Replacement Surgery 5-7 days
VATS/ Open Thoracotomy 5-7 days

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