The nutrition and wellness informations were created by the dietitians of Hospital Lam Wah Ee in raising awareness to eat healthily. Just click in to read more.

Disclaimer: The nutrition information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. If you have any concern or question about your health and nutrition, you should always consult with the doctor and a dietitian.

Diseases Related Nutrition

Cabohydrate Counting for Diabetes

Importance of Fiber for Diabetes

Learn Sugar Content From Food Label

Obesity and the Health Consequences

Fad Diet- Pros and Cons

Weight Loss or Fat Loss?

What is Weight Loss All About?

COVID-19: Nutrition Myth Buster

COVID-19: Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle

COVID-19: Food Safety and Food Storage

Nutrition for Bone Health

How Much Do you Know About Gout?

Prevention of Sarcopenia for Healthy Ageing

Nutrition Care for People with Dementia

Infant and Toddler Nutrition

Why your Child's Growth Matters?

Tips for Weight Gain in Underweight Picky Eaters

Feeding Tips for Picky Eaters

Food Chaining for Picky Eaters

General Healthy Eating

Get the Basic Right

Food and Aging

Read Nutrition Label for Smart Shopping

Wholegrain 101

Let's Talk About Quinoa

Food And Mood

DIY Healthy Salad Dressing

Let's Talk About Probiotics

CNY Steamboat Eating Guide

Know Your CNY Snack

Healthy Ramadan Plate

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