Located on the 7th floor, Lam Wah Ee Health Screening Centre provides customized health screening programmes for your health management solutions.

Embracing the advanced technology, we focus on providing accurate, efficient and caring services for all our customers.

We offer appointment services.

Our Health care plan consists of Basic Package, Essential Package and Enhanced Package and other optional tests as required.

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We offer appointment services. Kindly fill up the form for appointment purpose.

Please refer to notes to help you understand the upcoming preparation, if you have any questions you can consult our service personnel

Notes for preparation of Medical Check Up

  1. Blood Test

    • Fasting (no food and drink) is required for Basic, Essential and Enhanced Package. However, sips of water is allowed.
    • Please fast for at least 10 hours from 10pm before the scheduled appointment.
  2. Stool Test

    • Please obtain stool specimen bottle from the Health Screening Centre.
    • Bring along the stool sample to the Centre on the day of appointment.
    • It is recommended not to consume red meat 3 days prior to taking the stool sample.
    • If stool sample is taken from the night before, please ensure the bottle is tightly capped and refrigerated at 4°C.
    • Stool sample should not be taken during menstrual period.
  3. Pap Smear and Urine Test (for Female)

    • Should be performed 4 - 10 days after the last day of menstruation.
  4. 3D Digital Mammogram

    • Do not apply perfume, deodorant or talcum powder before the examination.
    • It is encouraged to perform the test 7 days after the last day of menstruation to minimize breast discomfort during examination.
  5. Stress Test

    • Dress in casual clothing, preferably in sport wear and sport shoes.
    • Do not apply lotion, oil or powder to the chest area.
    • Do not eat too much prior to the examination.
    • If you are taking any regular medications, please follow your doctor’s dosage instruction before and after the examination.
  6. Chest X-Ray / any other Imaging Tests

    • If you are pregnant, please tell your doctor before the test so this will not be performed.
  7. Please bring along original I/C or passport.

Health Screening Centre

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