Nursing Education


College Profile:
  • First private Nursing College in Penang.
  • A well-established and equipped institute since 1986.
  • Located within Hospital Lam Wah Ee premise.
  • Conducts a 3-year Diploma Nursing Course accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.
  • Recognized by the Malaysian Nursing Board and the Ministry of Health.
  • Registered with the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.
  • A good track record of passing rate in the Nurses’ Final Examination.

  • Vision
    To be the centre of excellence for the preparation of
    safe and caring nurse practitioners

    To produce safe and caring nurse practitioners capable of providing quality and holistic care to clients in the hospital and community

    We believe that:

    Man is a complex being with biological, psycho-social and spiritual needs, regardless of race, colour, creed, gender and age, who has the right to have access to quality health care and the means to assist him/her to fulfil his/her potential in life.

    The essence of Nursing is caring for and caring about people as holistic beings in matters related to health promotion, health maintenance, health restoration and dying.

    Nursing Education is directed towards the personal and professional development of students through quality teaching-learning experiences, self-directed learning and continuing education.

    Excellent College Award
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